Weather recording in my private studio or hiring me as the engineer for your sessions. I take a hands on approach and work with the artist to be able to accommodate their vision. I have a huge understanding on the recording process and I'm very knowlegeable on microphones and analog consoles like the SSL 9000, SSL Duality, API Legacy, API 1608 and the Neve Genesis to name a few. 



When it comes to mixing I treat each song with a different approach and appreciation which will only enhance what was already recorded. My main goal is to create a mix that stands out from the rest, from knowing what EQ moves to make or even adding compression when needed. I mix in the box in Pro Tools but also use some analog gear or summing (Hybrid Mixing) 



Mastering is that last 5% which polishes off the mix and get its ready for the majors. My approach is simple, first I listen to the song which will tell me ultimately what it really needs. Most songs I've mastered in the past have taught me that when it come to mastering its all about feel and i tend to make sure you definitely feel the song so much that all you can do is shed a tear of joy. 



One of my favorite things to do is to create and when creating a new song i take producing to a level of serious fun! From creating a composition for your next rap song or working with a rock band, my goals are to help your lyrics or chord structure become the story you are trying to tell. I've been producing  different genres for over 15 years and also play keyboards in a few reggae bands, which led me to learn a lot of nice techniques from my peers . I've been a part of song writing and song structure since i started professionally and it gave me the understanding to help create a start and end. My approach gives the artist the confidence in the creation of their story.