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Is the one stop shop for all your recording needs! weather you need to record your next single or work on any voice over jobs, we got you covered!

Recording Anchor 1


The VRC has a Large Control room plus a Large Live Room to track a full band.

Mixing Anchor 2


When it comes to gear the VRC has an some amazing pieces to get the job done right! The main centerpiece being a 24 Channel Trident 68.


2 ch of Vintech 1272

6 ch of Vintech 1073

2 ch of Daking 52270

2 ch of Avalon 737

Warm Audio 2 Bus

2 ch DBX 160A

2 ch of RMC 1733 

1 ch of RND Portico 5017

1 ch of UA 610 

1 ch of Klark Teknik KY2A

Neve 8816 Summing Mixer


Antelope Orion 32

Antelope Pure 2

UA Apllo

Mastering Anchor 3


One of my favorite things to do is to create and when creating a new song i take producing to a level of serious fun! From creating a composition for your next rap song or working with a rock band, my goals are to help your lyrics or chord structure become the story you are trying to tell. I've been producing  different genres for over 15 years and also play keyboards in a few reggae bands, which led me to learn a lot of nice techniques from my peers . I've been a part of song writing and song structure since i started professionally and it gave me the understanding to help create a start and end. My approach gives the artist the confidence in the creation of their story.

Production Anchor 4
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