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Filiverto Landeros recently graduated from the Los Angeles Recording School with High Honors and a Bachelors of Science in Audio Production and has been working nonstop in his private studio to keep the arts alive. He is a driven and experienced audio engineer that takes pride in creating timeless work and providing the best quality audio work. As an engineer and producer, his main goals are ensuring a comfortable work environment, to be creative and provide attention to detail. In addition to his primary job functions, Filiverto, also known as Fili, has been recognized by the Ventura County Music Awards for Producer of the year for 2018. He is an avid record collector and has a huge understanding  in multiple genres of music.

Filiverto Landeros has over 15 years in recording, mixing and production and graphic arts experience. Fili is also an artist, musician, rapper and songwriter and has worked with mostly Hip Hop and Reggae genres and has credits as an engineer and producer with an extensive list of releases in those genres.  Fili also has recorded, mixed and mastered Punk Rock, Metal, Indie Rock, Singer Songwriter, Jazz, Country and also has worked on a number of commercials recording, editing and cleaning up dialog, ADR, Voice over, music editing and mixing. Fili has a deep appreciation and love for the art of music Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Post Production which among the services offered with Filiverto Landeros productions located Ventura California. 

Sometimes you'll find Fili working Live Sound or playing Keyboards for some of the local bands, but most of the time you will find him in his studio working away!

Written by Ezra Brooks Robison.

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